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Julie Will Be My Go-To

I was facing a case in regards to charges I'm completely unfamiliar with and have not had much experience with courts or how to proceed. After doing some research on Yuma as I live hours away in a different town, it came clear Julie was going to be the best very quick just based on reviews and reputation. I reached out to Julia who responded promptly in the evening. After getting the details about my case she advised me exactly how the scenario plays out and what my options are. 100% honesty and excellent knowledge of her craft. If I ever run into trouble in the Yuma area, Julie will be my go-to. Thank you again!


I Would Highly Recommend Julie

My initial contact with Julie was through email due to the COVID-19 pandemic. She immediately responds to my email and filed documents I needed almost instantaneously and had my feelings of concerns and doubts erased. Julie ALWAYS keeps me in the loop with our next move and where we stood. She took my case and at any given place and time responded to any question I had. I would highly recommend Julie to anyone in need of assistance in her profession.


Would Hire Her Again!

An awesome attorney with an awesome attitude. Would hire her again!


She's One of The Good Ones

Ms. McDonald provided me excellent legal advice. Her knowledge of the local courts, her experience and her background makes her a valuable resource. She is a fair businesswoman and I do not hesitate for a moment to heartily recommend hiring her office. I worked in the legal field in a past life and have worked directly with a cross-section of attorneys. She's one of the good ones.


Professional but Yet Personal.

Thanks for all your help with our were so professional but yet personal.


Best Decisions I Ever Made.

I was charged with criminal trespassing in the 3rd degree a couple months ago and overlooked it until the very last minute. Julie was one of three lawyers working in Yuma that were on the State Bar's Certified Specialist list, and the only one that from the very get-go provided a competent plan for a dismissal. I was initially surprised at how friendly and informal she was, but it turned out to be a huge asset to have someone that truly felt like a friend that I was very comfortable with guiding me through all the legal jargon. From the very beginning, Julie delved deeply into my case to dig out any overlooked aspects that could benefit me. She really went out of her way to make all the procedures as convenient as possible and answered every question I had via email or phone immediately. She took care of every bump in the road and gave me a tremendous amount of guidance while curating my plea for a dismissal. My case was dismissed, and I never even had to travel to Yuma. She exceeded every expectation I had; I sincerely don't think there's anything she could have done better. From my experience with Julie, it is clear she is a one-of-a-kind lawyer that really goes out of her way to provide the best service for her clients. If you have any doubts about picking her, really, don't. It was one of the best decisions I ever made.


She Is an Outstanding Lawyer!

She truly cares deeply for her clients and their well-being. She helped me through a tough time and went well beyond her means to ensure that I was well. Her passion to help others was felt immediately after our first consultation and I knew that she would give her absolute best in helping me. She is an outstanding lawyer!


She Is the Best Attorney

I hired Julie for a legal case. Within days the case was dropped. She showed me the utmost respect and proved to me that I could count on her expertise. She is the best attorney I have ever hired and would hire her in a heartbeat again. Job well done Julie. Thanks.


Tenacious, Conscientious and Professional

I was involved in a matter that caused me severe personal consternation. When Julie started helping me, she made my problem go away immediately. She is tenacious, conscientious, and professional. I cannot express how grateful I am for her help.


Personal Case Great Attorney

Julie was the only attorney that was available for me to talk with was always there to answer my questions and her team was as knowledgeable as she was she also had a lot of local contacts to help in my personal case, a great attorney.


Job Well Done

Julie and her staff were very thorough in reviewing the facts in my case and got the charges dismissed. She also referred me to another excellent lawyer to help with another aspect of my case.


Difficult to Find

Attorney McDonald took my case on without hesitation, with diligence and attentive attention to detail. Charges were dismissed and she has followed up throughout the counter-charges filed against the accuser.
She has continued to keep me well informed above and beyond.


Ms. Mc Donald Is Professional

Ms. McDonald is professional and on top of her stuff! She did an amazing job for us. She's a straight shooter and I appreciated that. I'm not from the area and literally only had her picture to go by. I trusted her face and decided to take a chance. I'm grateful I followed my gut! We sat down with her explained the situation and she was on top of it. She walks you through the process making certain you understand. She answered your questions no matter the time if she is available. When I didn't expect an immediate response I got one! She walked with us from start to finish and I DO NOT REGRET seeking her counsel. I would have rather met her under different circumstances but seeing as how that was not the case I'm glad she was there when we needed her! You can't go wrong!


She Made Sure Justice Was Served!

Julie took the weight off my shoulders and resolved my case without any further worry on my part. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking justice. She made sure justice was served!


Honesty and Integrity

For starters, Julie gave me all the advice I needed to do everything myself saying, "truthfully, you don't even need me." I hired her because I live out of state and she was the only lawyer in Yuma that made me feel like she was representing me, rather than my case. When my case turned out to be an easy one, she refunded (even though she was not asked or obligated) a portion of my retainer. In my over 45 years of life, I have never encountered an attorney with so much honesty and integrity before.


Best Outcome in My Situation

Julie was able to work out the best outcome in my situation. She kept me up to date with everything I needed to know and always returned calls when asked.


Honest, Fair Treatment

Ms. McDonald was quite simply invaluable. She responded immediately to every request and need in my case. My situation was terribly stressful and difficult since I was out of state, but she resolved my case with the outcome I'd hoped for, all due to her clear instructions based on detailed procedural knowledge. From the start, she was extremely informative and reassuring. She was unfailingly kind and NOT a lawyer focused just on billable hours (because I started out talking to a high-priced Phoenix law firm that wanted to charge me $thousands!) I was so lucky to find Ms. McDonald instead. My family and I will always be so grateful that she treated me with patience, absolute competence, and ALWAYS with regard for my feelings and for my ultimate goal for my case. She is an attorney with a heart and a quick mind - I recommend her if you want to receive excellent advice about the law as well as completely honest, fair treatment.


Highly Recommend Ms. McDonald.

Ms. McDonald listened to me, believed in me, and wasn't afraid to research the law further so she was fully prepared. She was also creative in trying to find the best resolution to my case. Ms. McDonald and her assistant returned my phone calls and emails promptly, kept me informed, and were both very accessible. I would highly recommend Ms. McDonald.


Strong Attorney to Handle Their Issues

Having to rely on a public defender you've never met, to help you out of a big hole is a frightening position to be in. Fear not. Julie couldn't have been more professional, honest, or pragmatic. After one phone call & one office visit, my world completely changed for the better. Thoroughly satisfied with her work, and would recommend her to anyone needing a strong attorney to handle their issues.


I Could Refer Every Person I Knew

After meeting with a few attorneys in Yuma, I didn't feel very confident in my case. But when I met with Julie, she noted every single little detail and really did her due diligence to get to a point where she could present my case. She saved me from being a convicted felon at the age of 18, and since then I've lived a life and worked jobs that I wouldn't have been able to if not for her focus and drive to make sure that I didn't have to live with that. I wish that she practiced where I live so I could refer every person I knew that ever had to deal with the Law to her.


She Comes Highly Recommended

Julie M. McDonald, Criminal Law Specialist, is a highly competent proficient attorney who leaves no stone unturned when it comes to the best interest of her clients. She treats everyone respectfully, puts 100% of her resources into every case, and is up for any challenge. You can set your mind at ease knowing you are in good capable hands. She comes highly recommended.


Professional, Compassionate, Accurate, Timely and Pleasant

I was arrested and faced criminal charges in Yuma County Arizona during the spring of 14. I had never been in trouble with the law before. I was really stressed out and shaken by the entire experience. After a short discussion with Julie, I was calm and felt empowered so I retained her services. In short, I found that she was professional, compassionate, accurate, timely, and pleasant! Everything she said would happen and needed to be done was carefully explained and my options were quite clearly outlined. Her services were right on time and the outcome she achieved, a dismissal, spared me a very difficult, expensive, and life-changing event. I'd call her again for sure!


Best Defense

We initially hired Julie for a criminal case that was devastating for our family. She did such a wonderful job that we wound up hiring her for two other issues that arose. In each and every instance, she was amazing. She is clear in her explanations, she is honest and you can trust everything she tells you. These are qualities that seem to be extremely difficult to find in lawyers. I would not hesitate to call her on anything that comes up in the future. She provided the best defense one could have received. I really liked how she stayed on top of everything. Too many times, I've seen attorneys drag issues out, charge too much money, and then NOT do what they should have. Julie strives for perfection in all that she does and our cases could not have been in better hands. She is sharp and knows her stuff! I cannot recommend her highly enough. She will be completely honest with you and she will fight for the best possible outcome for your situation.


Definitely Recommend to Friends, Family or Anyone

I had a DUI to the slightest degree and I consulted with Julie M McDonald, I explained the situation and she offered me to help. Julie worked hard to prove my innocence, she was always aware of my emails and calls, always with the best attitude. The case was dismissed and I will always be grateful for helping me in this hard position I was in. I would definitely recommend to friends, family, or anyone.


Helpful and Caring

Mrs. McDonald was very helpful and caring.

Michael A.

She Did What Was in My Best Interest

Julie McDonald is nothing short of amazing. She is extremely responsive answering all questions in an incredibly timely manner. In my situation, I was wrongly charged when I myself was actually the victim of abuse. Julie took all of the evidence that I had collected over the years and went directly to the prosecutor on my behalf. While it might have been more financially advantageous for Julie to have things prolonged and take my case to trial, she did what was in MY best interest and moved to have my case dismissed altogether. She also spent much of her time going back and forth with the judge to request various things for me- travel approval, residence approval, and made extra sure that I was in full compliance with my orders while waiting on a dismissal decision. Julie was extremely knowledgeable about things that were indirectly related to my case as well. She made recommendations for how to communicate with my employers, my abuser’s family, and others while I was waiting on the court’s decision. Julie was extremely competent, courteous, and comforting throughout the duration of my case, and it is without a doubt the way that Julie handled everything that led to a dismissal of my case.