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What's the Best Way to Fight Assault Charges?

Ask Julie, an Adept Assault Attorney in Yuma, AZ

An assault conviction could ruin your reputation and derail your career. Julie M. McDonald, PC is an assault attorney that can handle cases of aggravated assault, vehicular manslaughter, and other charges. Contact us today to schedule a meeting with Julie today.

No matter how hard it may be, I am on your side.

Why You Should Hire a Private Murder
Defense Attorney

No matter how dedicated a public defender is, many can't offer you the dedication and individual attention you need when facing capital criminal charges. Julie M. McDonald, PC is a private murder defense attorney that can...

  • Focus on your case. When you work with Julie, you'll never get lost in the heavy caseload public defenders deal with.

  • Access a wide range of resources. Work with Julie, an attorney who can challenge the prosecution's evidence with a variety of expert witnesses.

  • Counsel you on courtroom approaches. Rely on Julie to come up with diverse approaches and strong arguments.

Your life is on the line. You need help from Yuma, AZ's experienced violent crimes defense attorney, Julie M. McDonald.