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A Short Story About Me

On a daily basis, Julie lives her lifelong passion for providing competent representation to people like you facing criminal prosecution. As a certified specialist in criminal law, one of less than a hundred such specialists in Arizona, Julie never lessens her zeal in expertly navigating her clients through the turbulent waters of the nightmare criminal charges bring not only to the person charged but to every aspect of that person's life, including family, friends and basic economic security.

Julie views her clients not as defendants but as neighbors, as someone's son, as a husband's wife. Julie's clients are people first, and the people Julie always remembers are layered with complexity. Without fail, Julie puts a smile on the face of her clients yet always provides a clear, concise explanation of what each and every client can expect. No case is too small as Julie always remembers that each client treasures liberty, seeks solid legal advice, and wishes to have the full protection of the United States Constitution used to its maximum benefit.

21 Years of Experience

Julie brings 21 years of experience with her, an experience that ranges from the trenches of the public defender's office to the detailed, high-end representation of clients from a private criminal defense firm. From representing a juvenile charged with the murder of his own parents to working to save a woman from the death penalty, Julie has worked on hundreds of criminal cases. Whether the charge is a simple disturbance of the peace, possession of an illegal substance, or the most heinous murder, Julie's focus remains on point and Julie's legal skills work to the benefit of her clients.