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DUI Attorney in Yuma, Arizona

Searching for A DUI Attorney in Yuma, AZ?

Take Back Control of Your Life After a DUI

Julie M. McDonald, PC will offer you legal representation at your MVD hearing and throughout your case. You can count on Julie to gather evidence, provide legal advice and handle all the administrative work. Contact us to schedule a consultation with Julie, a DUI attorney in Yuma, AZ.

Let's challenge the police officers.

Don't Make These DUI Defense Mistakes

Are you damaging your own DUI defense? You could be if you...

  • Plead guilty: Even if your BAC was over the legal limit, you can still fight your charges. Police make mistakes, so you should never assume you're dealing with a cut-and-dry case.

  • Talk to the police: The police and Prosecutor want a conviction. Pleading your case with them can only hurt you in the long term.

  • Try to handle it alone: Fighting a DUI charge takes skill, experience, and connections within the court system.

The worst mistake you can make is to postpone your search for legal aid. It takes time to build the best possible DUI defense. Call today to get to work right away.