Case Results

These are just a few of the cases Julie M. McDonald, PC has defended. The facts of each case are unique, and similar results cannot be guaranteed. The cases below are examples of cases Julie M. McDonald, PC has successfully defended on behalf of her clients.

Pre-indictment dismissal

Before the client was indicted, Attorney McDonald was able to show the prosecutor evidence from an order of protection hearing where the victim lied. Prosecutor dismissed the case before indictment.

Possession of methamphetamine

Truck driver was stopped and methamphetamine and marijuana were found upon a search of his vehicle. Client admitted to possession of marijuana but not methamphetamine. Provided information to the prosecutor that the truck was a work truck driven by many others. Felony charges dismissed, client pled guilty to a misdemeanor drug paraphernalia charge.

Possession of a narcotic drug (x2), possession of a danger drug (x2), possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia

Client was home on summer break when her car was being repaired. Drove her mom's car back to college and was stopped at Border Checkpoint where all the drugs were found. Provided information from mom's doctors and others and all charges were dismissed except a misdemeanor for the marijuana client admitted to. Fine only.

Aggravated assault (3), attempted second degree murder

This was a prison assault and attempted murder on a guard. Client was essentially looking at life in prison due to his criminal history. Was able to show how the prison violated numerous protocols, possible corruption by a sergeant and other issues. Client received 1.5 years in the Department of Corrections and did not have to pay close to $100,000 in restitution.

Child porn

Client was looking at a 90 year mandatory prison sentence for nine child pornography pictures. Litigated the issue of a "bulk downloader" the client had been using to download over 5,000 adult pornographic photos, of which only 9 involved children. Original plea offer was 10 years prison with lifetime probation. Final sentence was 5 years in prison, they would not file charges on the weapons he should not have possessed, and no probation.


Four cases of serial shoplifting. Client was addicted to opioids. She successfully completed in-patient treatment while her cases were pending. Pled guilty to one count of shoplifting, was placed on probation and successfully completed.

Aggravated assault on officers

Client recently released from prison for murdering his brother. At a traffic stop he engaged in an unprovoked altercation with two officers. Both officers were seriously injured. Negotiated a plea for 2.5 years in prison with no prior convictions or sentencing enhancements alleged.

Dismissed child molest case

Elderly man accused of touching a teenage runaway. Discovered prosecutor had lied about the whereabouts of the victim on the day of the alleged incident and made a deal with officers which was never discussed. Victim had numerous inconsistent statements. Case was dismissed.

10 lbs. of meth case

Defendant was stopped for an illegal lane change and 10 pounds of methamphetamine was discovered in two secret compartments near the engine. Upon further investigation it was discovered there was a possible federal confidential informant involved. Local officers withheld information on issues that occurred before the traffic stop. Federal agencies would not turn over information on possible confidential information. Case dismissed.